Why Are We Even Here

None of you asked for this, and although I know you must care on some vague level (why else are you reading this?) it seems somewhat self-indulgent to write an entire blog post, on my very own blog, about WHY I started writing this blog. Surely this is what an author bio is for, right? And it definitely shouldn’t take up to 300 odd words.

Well, it’s happening, so you might as well sit back and accept it and, dare I say, read on as I talk about the three main reasons why I decided to start blogging about my BPD (that’s Borderline Personality Disorder to newbies).


  1. Stigma.

It’s incredibly fashionable right now to talk about mental health, especially our own mental health problems. There’s no end to the amount of mental health blogs or Facebook pages or even emotionally supportive Twitter feeds for those who find the world that little bit more difficult. It’s very, VERY in vogue.

And I’m not complaining – honestly, I think it’s brilliant that we live in a time where we feel happy and somewhat validated in sharing our experiences of anxiety and depression, and we can only end the stigma by talking about it.

But here’s my issue: we don’t all have anxiety and depression. Those are not the only mental health issues someone experiences, and one of the reasons there’s so much stigma around the “scarier” mental illnesses is because they aren’t talked about – or if they are, they’re mentioned as clarifying reasons as to why that person is so damn weird (“You know psycho Chloe? Yeah, it’s BPD, you can tell right? Don’t get too close”).


  1. I’m a writer.

It’s what I am – it’s what I want to do, and it’s how I deal. This is the most natural way I can find to both process and affect change, by writing. So it’s what I’m doing.


  1. Yeah, yeah, okay, I’m egotistical.

I bloody enjoy writing about myself. I fluctuate between periods of absolute self-loathing and a godlike approval of myself, and somewhere in between is a person who thinks their limited life experiences are genuinely helpful and accessible to complete strangers. And I intend to be infuriatingly unapologetic about it.


So, there you have it. If you were ever wondering, the reasons why this blog exists.

You’re welcome.


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